20 week bump update: Boy or Girl?

IT'S A.......

The anatomy scan could not have gone better, baby girl is big and healthy. We are so truly blessed. She is measuring 5 days ahead and is calm as a cucumber. Literally, she is either super calm, or super lazy! Little miss hardly ever kicks or moves around. Much unlike her big brother who was just as rambunctious in the womb as his now. Maybe she will be my calm little snuggle bunny. Waylon is too busy playing cars and body slamming pillows to cuddle with me these days. 

We had the names already picked out for either gender. Wesson Micheal Johnson for a boy, or Lillian Rae Johnson for a girl. We are so excited to meet Miss Lil Rae! It is safe to say that Daddy is slightly scared to have a little girl. I can't wait to watch him melt like butter over his baby girl. This house needs some softening up. Waylon and Justin are in Beast Mode all day long, every dang day! 

Watching Waylon and Lillian together will be a dream come true. A dream I honestly didn't even know I had. My little family is truly my very biggest blessing.