Introducing solids: Our experience with Baby Led Weaning

Seven whole months have passed since Waylon made his debut into this world! As I have shared many times before, the first few months were quite literally the hardest months of my life. Newborns, not my jam! Infants on the other hand, totally my jam!! The day Waylon turned 4 months old, he was a different baby, and I was a different mommy. Our world turned right-side-up and we began to enjoy this journey together! At his 4 month well-check the doctor told us to start solids. Start with some rice cereal then move on to veggies and fruits one at a time. That is exactly what we did!

(After further research I found that the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests waiting until 6 months to start any solids. Research shows that at 4 and 5 months infants still have an "open gut" that is not fully developed to the point of digesting solid foods properly.)

Come to find out, Waylon really wanted to feed himself. 
So despite the mess, I let him.

We made our way through all the different fruits and veggies that they make in baby food, and I made some of my own. I had often wondered about Baby Led Weaning but being a first time mom I was unsure where to start. I figured because I had already started him on purees that BLW was out of the question as we had started the "weaning" process. Which means introducing solids, not actually weaning off of the bottle or boob. 

On day Waylon was teething and having an extremely rough day. I could not handle seeing him cry anymore so I gave him a banana. He LOVED it!

I had not yet fully decided to do BLW. I was still just as confused on how to do it and quite scared of choking. So I decided to make some homemade purees.

We also experimented with our mesh feeder!

Waylon turned 6 months old and I decided to take the plunge into BLW. I did some research and followed these simple suggestions:

- Cut food into spear like pieces that are easy for baby to grab
- Make food soft enough that you can mash it with your tongue on the roof of your mouth. If it is soft enough for you to do that, it is soft enough for him to mash with him gums.
- Avoid added salt/sugar
- The only food that must be avoided at all times is Honey.
- Know the difference between choking and gagging.
-Be present at all times.
- Do not put food into his mouth.

Our first meal was Pasta & Asparagus

Shredded chicken mixed with homemade broccoli puree

Steamed carrots and pureed mixed berries

Oatmeal with baked Apple's

Avocado Pancakes
1 Egg
1/2 avocado
2 T multigrain rice cereal
dash of milk


Watermelon & Cucumber 

Scrambled eggs, toast with butter, strawberries & a banana

French toast with mixed berry puree on top
 ( top right was his, bottom was mine!)

Oatmeal with baked pears

Turkey Alfredo Lasagna

Peach & nectarine pancakes with full fat yogurt and chia seeds on top.

Zuchinni Zoodles and Parmesan Chicken with a side of avocado

Lean ground beef, sweet potato fries & asparagus

Tilapia and green beans

Scrambled eggs & a bagel with mixed berry puree

Blueberry oatmeal with half a nectarine

Mini egg fritatta, avocado, halved blueberries, and rice puffs

Shredded zucchini cake with full fat greek yogurt & half a nectarine 

These are just some of the foods we tried our first month! We had a blast. Waylon loves to feed himself. Luckly we have not had any choking, though he gags often. He is learning so much and has almost figured out the pincher grasp. It may be messy but we get to enjoy meals together and that makes it worth it. If you are considering baby led weaning... I say go for it! Do some research so you are sure you can approach it safely. I still use purees from time to time, he really eats anything and everything! Our food adventure has only just begun.