Don't be fooled by fake Before and After pictures!

Have you ever looked at a before and after picture and wondered if it was real? I have, countless times! Especially if it is trying to sell a product. Does the product really work? It is so hard to say. Sure, there are many legitimate before and after photos out there. BUT there are far too many that are bogus.

To prove my point I created my own. These pictures were taken only hours apart. I used a few detail changes I see in a lot of different before and after pictures:

In my BEFORE picture I am wearing low rise sweats, using poor posture, pushing my stomach out, and applied a filter to make my stretch marks stand out more.

In my AFTER picture I am wearing high-waist exercise pants, using good posture, flexing my stomach, and chose a filter to make my stretch marks appear lighter.

The next picture is just for good measure... me relaxed and unedited. 

So whats the moral of the story? If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Our bodies change if we make changes. Not by fad diets and over priced products. Don't fall for silly before and after pictures... it might just be an average sized girl with stretch marks poking her stomach out!