Day 3 - Describe your relationship with your spouse

Day 3
Describe your relationship with your spouse:

Justin is my "almost spouse".  We will be getting married July 13th. SO SOON! But, not soon enough. I love him so much and he loves me just the same. It is a beautiful thing to be in a healthy relationship.

The best part about our relationship is we know what is real. We don't expect anything from each other except love and respect. When we first started dating Justin said to me, "you make me happy" my response was something along the lines of ... "DON'T PUT THAT ON ME!". In other words, we don't make each other responsible for our happiness. There is a saying, "How do you make a man happy? Find a happy man." That is what I did, and so did he. We are truly happy, together and apart.

God is number one in our relationship. God always comes first.

We don't fight. Very rarely are we actually upset with one another. We have had maybe two "real" fights in our relationship, they were resolved on the spot. We talk things out, and if we don't feel like talking, we don't. We just wait it out for a while, each take our time until we can speak with each other as adults. We don't yell or scream. We don't threaten to leave or whatever fighting consists of. But, we do have full conversations based on sarcasm, which some may think is fighting but we are usually kidding. (Usually!)
Don't get me wrong, sometimes we drive each other crazy but we love each other unconditionally, so we take our own inventories instead of each others. ( for the most part! )Justin says all the time " I think we have the best relationship ever. " .... And I tend to agree.

We say I love you a lot, all the time, every day.

We don't have a lot of the superficial things in common. Like music, interests, style, television preference, etc... but all of the important things we do. Like values, principles, goals, spirituality, sobriety, dreams, ambitions, love, etc. We are both so close with our families and love each others families like our own (since they will be our own soon enough!).

I could go on and on but really all our relationship boils down to is this:

-We don't expect to be number one in each others lives, because God is number one.
-We don't expect the other to make us happy, because that is an inside job.
-We do expect love and respect from one another and do our best to give it.