Spinach Cucumber Cubes

What does a girl that hates football do on the evening of Super Bowl??
She tries out ideas she found on Pinterest, of course. That is, after eating (amazing) pulled pork sandwiches and watching a couple episodes of Happily Divorced with her mama under an electric blanket.

For the first half of the game Justin and I were at my parents, we ate (the yummiest) pulled pork sandwiches. My mom and I cleaned up and chatted upstairs, then went down to watch the half time show with the boys. And I don't care what you say, Beyonce brings it! When that was over, like I said before we went back upstairs and got under her electric blanket and watched Happily Divorced On Demand.

 Then (after) the power outage, so once the game was back on, Justin insisted we go home and finish the game there so he could get started on his homework. SF scored twice while we were on our way home ( a mile away). Which was bad, since Justin's team is the Ravens. 

Anyway once we got home, for the second half of the game, I made these guys. Spinach Cucumber Cubes. It's pretty self explanatory. Wash the bunch of spinach and the cucumber, cut them up and throw them in the blender with a cup of water. Fill up your ice trays with this bright green mixture full of 'calcium, folic acid, vitamin K and iron. Spinach is also rich in vitamin C, fiber and carotenoids. Add its lutein and bioflavanoids and spinach is a nutritional powerhouse.' - Cooking Nook


Again, I must admit I got this idea from Pinterest. I wish I was this creative! My mom and I always talk about how quickly spinach goes bad. I prefer that or kale over regular lettuce, but it only lasts a couple days (kale last much longer, fyi). When I saw this idea on Pinterest I told my mom about it, and she tried it out. She loved it, said it was easy and convenient. So I went home and did it myself... and I made a mess. I always make a mess when I'm making anything...Anyway, I threw 3 of these into my smoothie this morning and just like that, I had a serving of greens to start my day off right. Next time I may throw in 5. I like my smoothies to look like moss, they may be gross looking but they are good tasting, and good for you!