Weekly Salad Prep.

         I started to spoil Justin recently by making him a salad everyday for lunch. Well now he kind of expects it, and I'm sorry but I am so busy!! I don't get in and settled down for the evening until like 8 or 9 ( and neither does he). Even when I am home I am cleaning or cooking, or both. Not to mention taking care of our only child the demon kitty, Jesse Juju Bean. So... I don't really WANT to throw together a salad every night at like 10 o'clock. Then I had the thought, why not make them all on Sunday? 
        Yes, he also needs an egg and avocado in his salad, spoiled brat. I didn't want to put those in too early so I boiled 3 eggs and only sliced one. And I only put avocado in two of them (one of them being mine). So that is something I will have to do each evening. But, it is still a lot easier than making the entire salad each night. Chopping and washing and dirtying dishes.


        Really I wanted to make 8 or 9 salads since I need one Mon-Fri and He needs on Mon-Thurs... but I had 8 Tupperware, and only 6 lids. Yes, I do have OTHER Tupperware I could have used but then they wouldn't have matched. YES, I know how stupid that sounds. 
       If you are curious what is in these...
Kale, spinach, green leaf lettuce, orange peppers, yellow peppers, green onions, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, avocados, and (one) egg.
       I make my salads with whatever I have on hand, sometimes I put in grapes, almonds, purple onions, etc. Mix it up a little! I hope this is a start to a meal prepping routine I can get used to.