Triceps and Chest anyone?

It's time to get back to the Heavy Lifting!

The only exercise I've done in a week is that full body workout, time to get back at it! I don't usually go to the gym on Sundays but yesterday was an exception since Wednesday I'll be with my soon to be family ( my boyfriends parents ) and I won't be able to go to the gym. So I thought I'd start a day early. Recently my first workout of the week has Chests and Triceps. I tend to do Super Sets because I like to get a lot of different exercises in at a time, and sometimes Cardio. But I only have an hour to do it. Super Setting a great way to save time and kick your own ass in the process! If you don't know what super setting is check out this link.

Here is my workout from yesterday.

Warm up with 5 minute jog, push ups and dips

Bench Press x10
Close Grip Bench x10
4 sets

Incline Bench Press x10
Straight bar tricep extension x10
4 sets

Cable Pectoral fly x10
Overhead rope tricep extension x10
4 sets

Decline Bench Press x10
Under hand one armed tricep ext. x10 per arm
4 sets

Dips x15
Reverse crunches x25
Reverse side crunches x12 each side
4 sets

Stationary bike 15 minutes


Ahhh the burn! Love it.