Lazy Pants with Sore Abs

Happy Monday, It really has been LAZY PANTS for a few days. Eating whatever I want, working out less than usual. Meh, I guess it really tis the season to be lazy fa la la la la la la la la, eat what you want you will be chunky fa la la la la la la la la la... you get the picture.

I did get in one measly workout over the weekend.  A combo of Shoulders, Abs, Lower Back, and Cardio. That's what happens when you skip so many days, you have to cram them into one. NOT recommended. 

My abs did get sore, not sure if that's because I did some awesome workout or because of the recent LACK of workouts.... Probably the lack thereof....

Warm up

Military Press
Decline sit ups, alternating knee to elbow
4 sets

Shoulder Press
Front arm raises
Leg Raises with Roman Chair
4 sets
Bench Press Leg Raises
Reverse Crunches
4 sets

Rope Crunches 
Hyper-extension resistance machine
4 sets

10 minutes HIIT
15 minutes Steady State