First workout in 5 days!

Time to get back to the gym! This Sinus infection didn't keep me down for too long but it happened to hit the day AFTER my two active rest days for the week, Since I rest Saturday and Sunday... of course I wake up sick on Monday. Three days rest and I'm back to it. Since I missed most of the weeks workouts, I will just be doing a full body work out today. Usually Thursday is legs, but I haven't done ANYTHING all week. So instead of only hitting one body part I'm going to hit them all. Just a simple one today I don't want to set myself back but I do need to get active.  Starting Next Week I will post my Normal Workouts when I get back into the swing of things. This one is a little out of the norm for me.
Full Body Workout:
Jump Rope 1 min
Bicep Curls
Shoulder Press
Jump Roap 1 min
Skull Crushers
Chest Press
Leg Extensions
Ham Curls
Pull Up
Chin Up
Run 1 Mile