Biceps Worthy of the Gun Show!

My boyfriend Just moved in with me a couple days ago, and in doing so he also got a pass to my gym. In the process of moving he hurt his back, so he won't be lifting for a few more days. But he decided to come with me to the gym yesterday to get "familiar" with it. And in doing so, yell at me as if he was my trainer. My biceps have NEVER been so sore. That wasn't the goal, getting my back sore was the goal, which didn't happen but man it feels good to not be able to move my arms.  Thanks Babe :)

Back And Biceps:

(assisted) Pull Ups x5
3 Sets

Preacher Curls:
Wide Grip x12
Narrow Grip x 12
3 Sets

One Arm Dumbbell Row x12 
switch arms
Dumbbell Pull Over x12
4 Sets

One armed reverse fly x12
Switch arms
3 Sets

Mid-line Hammer Curls x12
Drop Set x4

Bent Over Long Bar Row:
Narrow Grip x12
Wide Grip x10
4 Sets

Wide Grip Lat Pull Down:
-Behind Neck x12
2 Sets
-Front x12
2 Sets
-Incline x12
2 Sets

Seated Close Grip Cable Row
Drop Set x4

Cable Curl x6
Elevated Cable Curl x6
4 sets

Reverse Cable Curl x12
4 Sets

21's with EZ Bar
Alternating dumbbell curl:

One arm held at a 90 degree angle while the other curls, then switch x10
2 Sets

Lat stretches


.....gun show.